IRS offer in compromise

irs vs ftb offer in compromise
IRS Offers In Compromise are almost always easier to get than FTB Offers In Compromise. Here we go through the differences between IRS and FTB Offers In Compromise. Overall, it is easier to get an IRS settlement accepted than an FTB settlement. The main reasons being that the FTB will […]

IRS vs FTB Offer In Compromise: Some Tax Debt Settlements ...

IRS Fresh Start Initiative
Dating back to 2008, with an overhaul in 2012, the IRS Fresh Start Initiative continues to aid taxpayers up to current day. For both business entities and individual taxpayers, the Fresh Start Initiative’s goal is exactly as the name suggests. It facilitates the payment of tax debt, so that debtors […]

IRS Fresh Start Initiative: Which Taxpayers Does It Help?

How long does an IRS offer in compromise take? 4
How Long Does an IRS Offer In Compromise Take? Can We Speed Up the Process? The simple answer in 2017 is on average four (4) to nine (9) months. Some more complex Offers In Compromise may take up to two years to get resolved. Usually these are self-employment cases with […]

How Long Does an IRS Offer In Compromise Take?

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An Offer In Compromise is a way to settle your debt with the IRS. It is not based on “pennies on the dollar” or a percentage of your tax debt, contrary to what many advertisements state. It is purely based on your financial information. This guide covers filing an Offer […]

How To Do Your Own Offer In Compromise