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IRS Form 433-B (OIC) is the financial information statement for an IRS Business Offer In Compromise. This 433-B (OIC) guide was written by a tax attorney that is an expert in Offer In Compromise. This post is based on the 2018 form and is part of our free comprehensive tax […]

IRS Form 433-B (OIC) 2018 Version Instructions: Business Offer In ...

Types Of Offer in Compromise Offer in Compromise is a settlement for tax debts than less than the amount owed. The most common Offer in Compromise type for the IRS is a personal Offer for doubt as to collectibility. For Doubt as Collectibility there are both Personal and Business Offers […]

Types of Offer In Compromise – The Different Ways to ...

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Business Offer In Compromise: IRS Business Debts Can Be Settled Too A business offer in compromise (“OIC”) with the IRS is basically a tax debt settlement for business tax debts. The IRS agrees to accept less than the total amount of tax owed as a settlement. These business tax debts […]

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Getting an Offer In Compromise accepted, step by step. An Offer In Compromise is a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) or State tax authorities for less than the tax amount owed. Financial inability to pay is the reason most Offer In Compromises are accepted. We must prove that […]

Offer In Compromise Accepted – A Guide To OIC Acceptance