California’s Covered California Website Down as Deadline Nears 1

At this current time the website for Covered CA which is open for people under the Affordable Healthcare Act, (aka Obamacare) is not working. When “Apply Now” is clicked, the website seems like it is loading slowly then becomes inoperable.

I recommend that you take a screenshot of it if you are trying to sign up but are unable to. The IRS imposes a 1% penalty on your income if you do not register by midnight tonight.

If you have tried to log in today and the website was down, I have uploaded a copy of one for your convenience. You cannot state it is yours but you can use it as proof that the website was in fact down during the time period listed on the bottom right hand corner of the computer. This was taken at Pacific Standard Time.



It would be unfair to impose a penalty on people when the website is down. I attempted to use the website around 4:00pm PST and it was down as well.

Nevada’s version “Nevada Health Link” works fine as expected, time to move back!


Update: at 11:46pm still can’t get through


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