Which Tax Relief Companies Spend the Most on Advertising?

Optimal tax relief companies – It seems like you can’t turn on the radio without hearing at least one ad in between songs. By a random fluke of market demand, it seems that radio ads are one of the main domains for tax relief company advertising. Some companies favor television to add an optic element, but by and large, tax relief businesses opt for radio advertising.

The world of marketing has its own fascinating niches like that. Businesses targeted at middle-class Americans figure the one opportunity they can count on reaching their audience is when they’re commuting. Middle-class Americans are the number one tax relief customer. Many are caught in between making their monthly expenses and dealing with a past-due tax debt.

We tried taking a look at this industry from the point of view of an advertising budget that is optimum. Tax relief companies don’t need very many clients to be profitable, but they do need to reach a broad audience.

Optima Tax Relief

This is the company which is famous for hiring actor Alan Thicke for its radio spots. This is ironic, given that Alan Thicke was a native Canadian, and here he is advising Americans how to deal with the IRS. But when it comes to celebrity endorsements, tax relief optimism abounds! Optima Opts to spend the highest on radio advertising out of all the companies we find.

Optima Tax Relief is of course related to Optima Tax, a company, like H&R Block, which assists consumers in filing taxes. As we noted in our write-up, Optima is mostly nothing but a boiler room scenario where they have nothing but a sales floor referring callers to third-party tax relief services. The majority of these companies will be comprised of lots of hot air, not much behind it.

Solvable Tax Relief

Coming in second, Solvable is a shrewd second-fiddle in the tax relief industry, giving consumers an apparently different option compared to the leading advertising spender. In the case of Solvable, they supplement their media marketing budget with a ton of suspicious reviews on their-party sites.

Like Optima, what you get with Solvable is yet another boiler room of sales people whose only function is to opt you in for their services, then simply bat you over to an actual tax relief firm. This firm is likely to have an accountant or tax preparation specialist on hand, but no attorneys.

Alleviate Tax

Alleviate is a newer company on the tax relief scene, which is typical because this is a fly-by-night industry! They’ve been around since 2018, so there’s not much we find about them.

What we do know is that they are more focused on digital marketing that the average tax relief company. They have a YouTube channel, and a blog with volumes of digital content marketing intended to draw search engines. Of course, the more budget dollars companies opt to spend on marketing, the less they’re likely to have on hiring actual professionals. We can’t say for sure that Alleviate has the same boiler-room-sales with referrals on commission business model as the other tax relief companies. But it wouldn’t surprise us at this point.

Tax Defense Partners

Now we’re back to radio advertising, and the most bombastic kind at that! Tax Defense Partners went all in, hiring none other than the late GOP-honored radio personality Rush Limbaugh. This is probably the most daring choice of spokesperson, given the controversies around him, but you have to admit that hardcore Republicans will bite right away. That is the party known for both big business and being resentful towards taxes in general.

In our previous coverage of Tax Defense Partners, we found a lot to complain about them. Their Yelp reviews are dismal, their fees are higher than any other option, and of course they retain no attorneys. Once again when you dial their number, all you’ll be talking to is a boiler room of sales people who are intent on taking down your information, but this is only so they can refer you to another firm.

For more about fraudulent tax relief companies, see our big tax relief company guide here.

Your Best Bet is Hiring a Tax Attorney

If you were thinking of hiring a tax relief company based on their blitzkrieg advertising, you are much better off hiring a qualified tax law firm and having a consultation with an actual tax attorney. The consultation and subsequent case is then covered by attorney-client privilege, which means that the law office can’t just close on you and leave you to deal with the IRS on your own.

If you are only receiving Social Security, Disability, or otherwise have a fixed income with no assets, you may take the opportunity for an Offer in Compromise yourself. You can see our Offer in Compromise guide for help with this.

If you have a tax lien and have already paid off the debt, or you are in a payment plan for less than $25K, please see our guide: How to Withdraw A Tax Lien.

Do you need help with your back due tax debt? Fill out our contact form or call (888) 515-4829 and you will have a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our expert tax attorneys! What have you got to lose then?


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