A part of the IRS duty is to remind taxpayers if they have any outstanding taxes. They send letters and notices to remind you of the said unpaid taxes. An example of these is the IRS CP504 Letter or the Notice of Intent to Levy. What is a CP504 Letter […]

IRS CP504 Letter: What It Is and What to Do ...

low income taxpayer clinics
If you are a low income individual who is currently facing issues with the IRS, you can seek help from a Low Income Taxpayer Clinic. Low Income Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs) provide free legal assistance to taxpayers who cannot afford legal services or representation with their tax issues. They can help you […]

List of Low Income Taxpayer Clinics Available in the United ...

offer in compromise vs currently not collectible
Struggling with tax debt is never easy. It’s even more daunting to think about when these unwanted debt gets larger as we fail to make the payment. On the bright side, the IRS has provided programs for individuals who are incapable of paying their tax debt. Two of which are […]

Offer In Compromise vs Currently Not Collectible: Which Option is ...

how to file or an offer in compromise
If you want to know how you can file for an Offer In Compromise, below you will learn about what to do to get an IRS OIC for personal or business taxes. See our video explanation of how to file for an offer in compromise if you prefer to watch it. First […]

A Guide on How To File for an Offer In ...

tax debt forgiveness
One of the programs that the IRS offers to those who cannot pay their tax debt is through Tax Debt Forgiveness. Under this program, there are four different ways that the IRS can drop your tax balances. Finding the best option for you depends on different factors. See our video explanation […]

Tax Debt Forgiveness: Four Most Common Options and How They ...

tax relief options explained
Tax relief is a category that encompasses many options. Here we go through and explain the various options for tax relief. Offer In Compromise tends to be the best solution for most cases that qualify, but there are other options that still help if you do not qualify. See our […]

Tax Relief Options for Debt Explained: Options, Solutions, Saving Money

currently not collectible
Currently Not Collectible status is one of the most popular options for tax relief cases. It is considered by many to be the second best option to an Offer In Compromise. Here we go through the details on Currently Not Collectible status and explain what it is. See our video […]

Currently Not Collectible Status: What It Is and How To ...

irs collections
Where your collections case is handled depends on the balance and tax type. The IRS collections process can be daunting for some, but here we go over the basics of IRS Collections and how it works. See our video explanation of the IRS Collections process below or keep reading for […]

IRS Collections: What You Should Know About How Back Taxes ...

20 years unfiled tax returns
Here is what to do when you have 20 or more years of unfiled tax returns. Not all tax returns are always required. This is not legal advice, but a general rundown of how you handle the situation with the IRS and states. States vary in their handling of unfiled tax […]

20 or More Years of Unfiled Tax Returns: A Guide ...