IRS Offer In Compromise Formula
In order to get an Offer in Compromise for federal tax debt, you need to make sure your financials will work for IRS Offer in Compromise formula. Keep on reading to see how the IRS determines whether or not to accept an Offer in Compromise. Financial Aspects of The IRS […]

IRS Offer in Compromise Formula – How The IRS Calculates ...

California tax debt forgiveness
California Tax Debt Forgiveness: Is It a Real Thing? California will forgive tax debt via an Franchise Tax Board Offer in Compromise. An FTB Offer in Compromise is an agreement between the California state taxing authorities, the FTB, and the taxpayer to settle the tax debt for less than the […]

California Tax Debt Forgiveness – Will The CA FTB Really ...

IRS Fresh Start Initiative
Dating back to 2008, with an overhaul in 2012, the IRS Fresh Start Initiative continues to aid taxpayers up to current day. For both business entities and individual taxpayers, the Fresh Start Initiative’s goal is exactly as the name suggests. It facilitates the payment of tax debt, so that debtors […]

IRS Fresh Start Initiative: Which Taxpayers Does It Help?

NYS tax debt relief
Your Options for NYS Tax Debt Relief There are a five main options when it comes to NYS tax debt relief. We will go through the options for dealing with tax debt and the New York State Tax Department. Not all of the options you have are relief, but it […]

NYS Tax Debt Relief -Your Options In Dealing With New ...

Handling A New York State Tax Warrant 2
As tax professionals, we understand the fear and frustration that comes along with a New York State Tax Warrant. Finding out that property and assets are on the line puts a tremendous amount of pressure on anyone. The best course of action is to come to a full understanding of […]

New York State Tax Warrant – Know Your Rights & ...

NYS tax warrant statute of limitations
Statute of Limitations for a NYS Tax Warrant The State of New York issues tax warrants for debts. This is the New York State equivalent of an IRS Federal Tax Lien. The difference is New York is more aggressive in collecting on the warrant. The IRS will try to collect […]

NYS Tax Warrant Statute of Limitations

will the IRS reduce penalties and interest
Penalty and Interest Reduction by the IRS: Harder Than Many Make it Sound Our clients often ask: Will the IRS reduce penalties and interest? The answer is yes on penalties, but only on the first year that you owe in most cases. Almost never on interest. Reducing IRS Penalties The […]

Will The IRS Reduce Penalties and Interest?

business offer in compromise 1
Business Offer In Compromise: IRS Business Debts Can Be Settled Too A business offer in compromise (“OIC”) with the IRS is basically a tax debt settlement for business tax debts. The IRS agrees to accept less than the total amount of tax owed as a settlement. These business tax debts […]

Business Offer In Compromise – Requirements to Settle IRS Business ...

Offer In Compromise vs Installment Agreement
When it comes time to settle your tax debt, you need a place to start. Some agencies will tell you it’s a complicated process that you should never go through without help from a professional. Making the decision to file an Offer In Compromise or for an Installment Agreement isn’t as […]

Offer In Compromise vs Installment Agreement: Informed Tax Settlement