TRP vs. Other Companies

Specific Focus

Tax Resolution Professionals is a law firm based in Las Vegas, NV, and assisting people with back due tax issues worldwide. We specifically focus on back due tax issues and nothing else. This ensures we are up to date with the latest rules, guidelines, and laws, getting you the best result legally possible. The term “jack of all trades, master of none,” describes many tax lawyers out there today. They work on tax planning, estates, a bunch of other items, and just conveniently add on Offer in Compromise and back due tax debts. The problem is there are so many items in just back due tax and Offer in Compromise, it would be impossible for an attorney to keep up on it while still providing the best service possible.

Experienced Tax Relief Experts

Our attorneys have handled thousands of tax relief cases, all with great results. We can identify quickly if you are a good candidate for Offer in Compromise or if submitting one would be a waste of your time and money. Our founding attorney, Robert Kayvon, was admitted to the bar at age 23 and has solely focused on back due tax cases since the start of his career. At his first tax relief job, he found many holes in the way cases were being handled and found several additional ways for clients to save money beyond just Offers in Compromise. Tax Resolution Professions will provide you a realistic on outlook your case and will explore all options to find you the best result.

A Tax Relief Law Firm, Not A Regular Tax Relief Firm, and Here For The Long Haul

TRP is here to stay. Our company is not a fly by night tax relief firm that you see advertised on TV and radio. Since starting TRP in 2009, many “Tax Relief Firms” have opened and closed their doors, leaving clients’ cases unfinished. Many of these clients do not know the company they hired closed until they get the garnishment from the IRS on their paycheck of a levy at their bank. We end up finishing a lot of these cases from closed companies. Unfortunately, sometimes it requires us to do the whole case over again.

How do these companies close and take the fee? They are a regular business with no professional obligation to complete your case. If their financials are bad one month, they can close up shop leaving you in the dust. At TRP, we are professionally responsible for completing your case. As an attorney owned law firm, we will not and cannot abandon your case. You can see our founding attorney’s state bar profile page to verify our existence as real tax lawyers.

Attorney Client Privilege on All Cases

Most tax relief firms are run by salespeople that hire Enrolled Agents and CPAs to do all the work. Communications with Enrolled Agents and CPAs is not protected by attorney client privilege, unless they are working at a law firm. At TRP, you will deal directly with your assigned attorney for the duration of your case. We also have Enrolled Agents and CPAs who will work on part of your case, but any communication with them is also covered by attorney client privilege at our firm, since they are working under the scope of a law firm.

Stacking TRP Against Our Competitors

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Did the Tax Relief Firm You Hired Close on You?

You are not alone, we are here to help. If you have had the company you hired close on you, we can pick up where they left off. Some cases are partially completed while some tax relief companies literally do no work on the case and take your money. Either way, we will get your situation straightened out quickly. Let one of our expert tax relief attorneys give you a free evaluation. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you!