tax attorneys vs cpas vs eas
Whether it’s for convenience, to seek for professional help, or any other reasons we may have, there are some who prefer a professional to help in filing for tax returns or any other specific tax related activity. When it comes to various tax issues,  which tax professional should you be […]

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find out how much are irs tax debt
If you are a taxpayer who owes back taxes, then you might have wondered at some point how much you owe the IRS or even the State for these back taxes. Some find out how much they owe when they receive notices from the IRS for the unpaid debt. But […]

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nys wage garnishment
What is a NYS Wage Garnishment? A NYS Wage Garnishment or what is referred to as Income Execution in New York is a court order that requires an employer to withhold certain amount of an employee’s earnings. This is due to unpaid debt. However, one should be aware that creditors […]

NYS Wage Garnishment: Getting it Released and How They Work

CP508C Notice
When the IRS sends you a CP508C Notice, it means that your unsettled tax debt has been reported to the State Department as “seriously delinquent.” This is pursuant to the US Code Section 7345. The State Department has the right not to renew your passport or issue you a new […]

CP508C Notice: How To Keep Your Passport In Good Standing

Map of California with Grizzly Bear
An FTB Wage Garnishment is an order issued by the California Franchise Tax Board if they see that you have delinquent debt. In a FTB wage garnishment, the FTB will be given the right to take a percentage of your income. The FTB considers balances from taxes, penalties, fees, interest, and […]

Stop Wage Garnishments from the California Franchise Tax Board

California Franchise Tax Board Liens
Getting constant reminders from the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) of your unpaid tax debt is not something one looks forward too. In fact, it can cause a lot of stress especially once they start taking collection action. In this article, we will talk about what there is to learn […]

California Franchise Tax Board Liens: How to Resolve Them

IRS Demand Letters
An IRS Demand Letter is a notice from the IRS stating that you owe them a certain amount of money from back taxes. Either you were not able to pay the full amount or you haven’t made a payment at all. Receiving a demand letter is the first step that […]

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nys tax lien removal
Getting an NYS tax lien removal through is not that easy. The way to get it done is by satisfying the debt by paying it off or getting a tax settlement accepted. Here we will explain the options and process for New York State tax lien removal. Removing an NYS […]

NYS Tax Lien Removal – How To Take It Off ...

LT11 notice
Getting an LT11 notice means that the IRS intends to levy your property or rights to property. It is also similar to a CP504, but the main difference is that an LT11 notice is the final notice before the IRS will actually levy your property. You are given 30 days […]

IRS LT11 Notice: What You Should Do When You Receive ...