Simplified Tax Help Retainer

Tax Resolution Professionals uses a simplified retainer agreement on all cases, and the terms are as follows:

The Retainer Agreement (“Agreement”) is made effective as of the date of the payment
of the first invoice, by and between the paying Client (“Client”) and Tax Resolution
Professionals (“Service Provider”).

Services: The Service Provider agrees to provide tax resolution services to the Client,
focusing on resolving tax debt issues with any state or federal taxing authorities.

TRP and it’s attorneys promise to do all possible to get you the best result legally
possible. If there is more than one strategy possible for your case, we will inform you of
each possibility so you can make an informed decision.

● An initial monthly fee of is required for the first month of service.
● A monthly recurring will be charged for each subsequent month until the case
is concluded.

● Payments are to be made to the Service Provider by the Client.
● An invoice will be sent to the Client via PayPal for each payment cycle.

The amount of the payments will be reflected in the invoice sent to you.

Term: This Agreement will remain in effect until the Client’s tax debt issues are resolved
and both parties agree to the conclusion of services. Client may cancel services at
anytime by written request via email.

Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement with written notice if there is a
breach of terms that is not resolved within 30 days of notification. Email constitutes
written notice. If your case turns out to be something where TRP can’t help you, we’ll try to find yo appropriate counsel.

By paying the sent invoice, the Client acknowledges and agrees to the terms outlined in
this Agreement. Tax Resolution Professionals reserves the right to cancel services if
payments are not received.

If there is a conflict of interest we will inform you as soon as possible and suspend work on your case, but will notify you quickly thereafter. Our firm is a self-insured entity.

Please Note: The faster you can provide requested documents, the faster we can
resolve your case. If you need help getting documents together, just call or email us and
we are here to help you!