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Proven results and experts in the field, we focus solely on IRS tax collection issues. We focus on being the best in one particular area of law while many law firms in the valley practice tax as well as a list of other practice areas. As with any profession, a jack of all trades is a master of none. Our fees are lower than most Las Vegas Law Firms according to many who have come to our office. TRP does not charge high flat fees!


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At TRP, two expert tax attorneys review your financial data and financial submissions and this ensures every avenue is explored to get you the best result. Not only in two heads better than one, but should something happen to one of us, your case is not in the dark. You are not getting the input of two experienced professionals when you hire a solo practitioner (a one-attorney office) to work on your tax case. And if that practitioner were to fail ill or be absent, your case is not being worked on.


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At TRP, your free consultation is with a tax attorney in Las Vegas. Come in if you like or do it over the phone. We do a brief phone call to make sure its worth your time to come in and the type of case we handle. Some tax problems are so simple, our attorneys will tell you what to do over the phone! You can also have your consultation completed over the phone and we can let you know what options we have going forward. We can help you anywhere in the country as we will and we do have many clients nationwide! However, you have the option to come into the local Las Vegas Tax Law Firm if you’d like to!

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Results For Recent Tax Settlements:

10/26/2017-$245,000 IRS debt settled for $100

10/24/2017-$87,000 IRS debt settled for $3818

06/22/2017-$78,000 IRS debt settled for $4574

06/10/2017-$38,000 IRS debt settled for $100

05/28/2017-$7,500 NY State debt settled for $150

05/21/2017-$117,000 IRS debt settled for $15,900

05/15.20107-$7,800 California FTB debt settled for $100

04/20/2017-$42,500 IRS debt settled for $100

03/28/2017-$14,000 IRS debt settled for $100

03/10/2017-$75,000 IRS debt settled for $23,000

02/12/2017-$37,000 IRS debt settled for $267

02/07/2017-$268,000 IRS debt settled for $100

01/15/2017-$203,000 California FTB debt settled for $500

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