Services: Tax Resolution Services We Offer

Tax Resolution Professionals is a nationwide tax law firm handling tax resolution services. We are experts in back due tax debt and audits. We focus on particular areas to get you the best results for both the IRS, states, and local tax authorities.

We do not do bankruptcy or other debt resolution services. One way our services vary from “tax relief companies” is that we will proceed on the best resolution for your case, rather than try to sell you a particular service you do not need.

Tax Return Preparation: Unfiled Return Experts

The first step in many cases is filing unfiled tax returns. The step many CPA’s and EA’s miss is that only required years need to be filed. We have seen many CPA firms file all past due returns when it was not required, creating unneeded expenses and debt for the client. At TRP we analyze your unfiled returns and the data on file and only file what is needed to be filed or that that can lower your balance.

Offer In Compromise: Tax Debt Settlement

If you qualify an Offer In Compromise based on financial information is often the best option in a tax resolution case. Our attorneys have decades of experience on the subject. We give you an accurate assessment on the possibility of getting an Offer In Compromise accepted.

Currently Not Collectible Status: IRS Hardship

Currently Not Collectible status is another option for tax resolution. Often it involves a taxpayer who has assets to pay the tax debt, but does not make enough income to pay it off. We can evaluate where Currently Not Collectible is the best option and proceed on that tax resolution result.

Wage Garnishment, Levy, and Lien Releases/Withdrawals

We can get your wage garnishment lifted. Bank levies can be stopped from re-occuring but can be lifted depending on the circumstances. Once a resolution is set, often liens can be released or even withdrawn completely from the record.

Payment Plans and Penalty Abatements

If a settlement is not a possibility, we let you know. We handle the collections side of your case and put the remaining balance into a payment plan. Many people qualify for penalty abatements which can result in signifigant savings.

Audits and Audit Reconsideration

Going through an audit and need help? Have an old debt from an audit that was poorly handled? We can help you with our audit services. Our tax attorneys are experts at audit matters and can get you the best result legally possible.

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