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Tax Attorney In Las Vegas: Free Consultation

Why would we give you a completely free, no obligation consultation? Searching “tax attorney Las Vegas free consultation?” We offer you just that. Be informed about your case and make the best choice when it comes to choosing a tax attorney in Las Vegas or if you are out of the area. Our local Las Vegas tax attorneys have handled thousands of tax debt cases and can help you resolve your tax issues as well.

Help You Can Trust From Experienced Tax Attorneys

We are experts in handling IRS collections issues. In our free, in depth consultation, we can give you a realistic outlook on where your case stands and the steps moving forward. We are here to help and give you an honest evaluation of your case.

Why We Are The Best Tax Law Firm In Las Vegas

Proven results and experts in the field, we focus solely on IRS tax collections issues. We focus on being the best in one particular area of law while many law firms in the valley practice tax as well as a list of other practice areas. As with any profession, a jack of all trades is a master of none.  Our fees are lower than most Las Vegas tax law firms according to many who have come to our office. TRP does not charge high flat fees.

Why Hire TRP Over A Solo Law FIrm?

At TRP, two expert tax attorneys review your financial data and final submissions and this ensures every avenue is explored to get you the best result. Not only is two heads better than one, but should something happen to one of us, your case is not in the dark. You are not getting the input of two experienced professionals when you hire a solo practitioner (a one-attorney office) to work on your tax case. and if that practitioner were to fall ill or be absent, your case is not being worked on.

Why Hire TRP Over Tax Resolution Firms You Hear On The Radio?

You hear on the radio offers for a free consultation  with a “Senior Tax Professional.” They may have some other title, but you get the idea. What it means is they don’t have a license to represent you and if they did they would be called an attorney, Enrolled Agent, or CPA. They have little knowledge of the inner workings of the cases and they are not licensed to handle them. Tax relief firms are located in many parts of the country. Most are concentrated in the Los Angeles area and do not do physical meetings.

las vegas tax attorney free consultation

Our Las Vegas Tax Attorneys are here for a free consultation in person or on the phone.

Why Is Our Tax Attorney Free Consultation In Las Vegas Better?

At TRP, your free consultation is with a tax attorney in Las Vegas. Come in if you like to or do it over the phone. We do a brief phone call to make sure its worth your time to come in and the type of case we handle. Some tax problems are so simple, our attorneys will just tell you what to do over the phone You can also have your consultation completed over the phone and we can let you know what options we have going forward. We can help you anywhere in the country as well and we do have many clients nationwide. However, you have the option to come into the local Las Vegas tax law firm if you want to.

With TRP you get honest advice on how best to proceed and you leave better informed about your case. Hire us or not. We can let you know if you are close to IRS collections, in collections, or have a bit to go based on the letters you have already received in the mail from the IRS. State tax issues are covered in the consultation as well. States still come after you if you owe them back taxes from when you lived in another state. We can resolve both IRS and state tax issues.


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If you have found this page you are most likely looking for help with a tax issue and are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Give us a call today at (888) 515-4829 or fill out the contact form below. Have a free consultation with one of our local, Las Vegas tax attorneys, and put your mind at ease. The worst that can happen is you are more informed of your options and know how to best proceed.

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