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Filing For Federal Tax Debt Relief – IRS Tax Forms

Tax Forms

Is Uncle Sam Requesting Payment?

This page contains most of the tax forms needed for tax relief cases and below are the standard IRS Tax Forms for tax debt relief. These current to 2017. Choose the agreement that matches best your case and then download the tax forms here. If you are not sure which agreement applies and you would rather not deal with the IRS yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are Las Vegas tax attorneys that help clients nationwide.

Please note that for all correspondence with the IRS we recommend sending it by USPS Certified Mail with Physical Return Receipt.

IRS Installment Agreement Forms

Tax Forms For Submissions Without a Financial Statement

IRS Form 9465 – Installment Agreement Request: Use this form if you cannot pay the full amount of tax you owe. This works for lien free payment plan agreements for balances under $50,000. If you owe between $50,000 and $100,000, you can also use it to request a payment plan over 84 months. A federal tax lien is filed for balances over $50,000 that end up in a payment plan.  Call the IRS and they can mail you the tax forms as well.

Tax Forms For Submissions to an IRS Revenue Officer

IRS Form 433-A – Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals.

Revenue Officer cases typically require Form 433-A and you can pair this with Form 9465 if you wish to pay by direct debit.

Business Payment Plans

IRS Form 433-B – Collection Information Statement for Businesses.

Use the above form to request payment plans for businesses with balances over $10,000.  Pair this with Form 9465 if you wish to pay by direct debit.

Offer In Compromise Forms

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Half The Battle is Getting Tax Forms.

You can file an Offer In CompromiseIRS Form 656-L if you believe you may qualify for a Doubt as to Liability tax settlement. Form 656 is used for Doubt as to Collectibility or Exception Circumstances. Include a proper Financial Statement with either.

Do Financial Statements on IRS Forms 433A-OIC or 433B-OIC. A is for Personal, B is for Business. Both can be found in the IRS 656 Booklet.

Filing For Financial Hardship – IRS Currently Not Collectible Status

You may request to be declared uncollectible by the IRS if financial hardship prevents you from making payments in your current situation. This puts a stop to collection attempts if the IRS accepts. It requires you file the appropriate Verified Financial Statement form.

IRS Form 433-A – Submit this form if case is with an IRS Revenue Officer.

IRS Form 433-F – Submit this form if case is with the IRS Automated Collection System or if your case is not yet in IRS Collections. If the case is not with IRS collections. You can mail it to where you normally file.

IRS Form 433-B – Submit this form for all business cases where Currently Not Collectible Status is requested.

The IRS files a tax lien against you and your assets if you file for Currently Not Collectible Status and owe more than $10,000. Some consider this a reason to enter into a payment plan instead.

Filing For Penalty Abatement

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That Feeling Of Victory When You Handle Your Tax Debt.

If you can provide proof of reasonable cause or any other reason under tax law for not making timely payments, the IRS may grant a Penalty Abatement. You can  file IRS Form 843. You may also want to include a written petition which allows you to state your case and provide proof of reason for non-payment or you can make your petition all written. If all written make sure to include the tax year, name address, SSN, and phone.

IRS Form 843 – Claim for Refund and Request for Abatement.

Most people can get a penalty abatement as well on the first year they owe. See our guide on getting an IRS First Time Penalty Abatement. Submit your IRS late filing and late payment penalty abatements once you have paid off the base tax debt and base interest.

IRS Tax Forms For Innocent Spouse Relief

You may file a Request for Innocent Spouse Relief if you believe your current or former spouse is solely responsible for tax reporting errors or underpayment of tax on your joint return. The IRS is must follow law and notify the other person of your request, if they start this process. They will have the opportunity to fill out Form 12508, a questionnaire about the tax years set down in Form 8857.

IRS Form 8857 – Request for Innocent Spouse Relief.

IRS Form 12508 – Questionnaire for Non-Requesting Spouse.

Internal Revenue Service Lien Withdrawal Tax Forms

IRS Form 12277 – This form is used for IRS Lien Withdrawals and if you are not sure if you qualify for a lien withdrawal, see our guide on how to get an IRS Lien Withdrawal.

These Forms are Confusing I Need Help

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