Get Free Tax Debt Help for IRS and FTB Issues In San Diego from a Highly Qualified Tax Attorney

Searching for a tax attorney can be a difficult task. There are a lot of lawyers, a lot of fee agreements, and a lot of “I won’t talk until you pay me” situations. There are also a lot of services that offer the services of a tax lawyer or CPA, but are in fact not owned by anyone that has a license to help you.

Let me give you a free consultation on your tax issues and let you know what you really qualify for. If you are already in a payment plan and wondering about your options, one of our attorneys can go over your case and make sure you are not paying on something that could be settled. The opposite is often true too.

Sometimes the arrangement you are in currently with the IRS or state is better left alone. This is often due to liens not being filed against you yet or because your financials if submitted, would show an even higher ability to pay than the IRS is requesting now.

If you have not filed for a long time or just have some questions about your balance due, give us a call or email and I can guide you through the process. If you are near San Diego or Las Vegas, I can meet you at one of our offices. If you are out of state someone is always by the phones ready to help you as well.

You can also email, put in the subject line Consultation, and inside put your phone number and request what time you would prefer to be called.

Very often I can point you in the right direction in our free consultation with no payment at all. Helping many people for free has helped our business grow several fold over the past year and we are always happy to help!

Call me directly at (888) 515-4829, and press 8. If I am on the other line I will get back to you as soon as possible!



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