Call The Tax Doctor TV Ad: What You Should Know

The Tax Doctor TV Advertisements are showing up frequently on TV and online. So what are these ads? They are not a law firm or even a tax relief company. Tax Doctor is a referral service. They use hte phone number (877) 732-5307

Below is a picture of their ad.

the tax doctor

They make the text hard to read, but they won’t be doing your case.

In the ad it clearly states “All services performed by providers…” meaning that The Tax Doctor listed in the ads is not an actual firm working on cases. The calls will go to them and then be routed to any possible practitioner.

We are not familiar with The Tax Doctor’s firm vetting practices, but if it’s like most tax lead generation companies, it’s slim to none. Also, don’t confuse The Tax Doctor ad with the many local firms that have the same name. The name seems to be commonly used by many companies and they should be judged on their own merits.

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Call The Tax Doctor TV Ad: What You Should Know
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Call The Tax Doctor TV Ad: What You Should Know
An explanation of The Tax Doctor TV ads. See who they cater to and what types of firms they refer tax relief cases to.
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Tax Resolution Professionals
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