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Filling out Form DTF 4 for NYS Offer In Compromise

This guide is part of our NYS Offer In Compromise guide. The guide covers filing a New York State Offer In Compromise. Form DTF 4 is used when you still have appeal rights and your liability is not fixed and final. Form DTF 4 is also used for Doubt as to Liability offers.

Section 1

Fill out your name, address, phone, and SSN. Enter your spouse’s information as well if this is a joint liability and you are married. If you are represented by a tax attorney, they should also place their information there.

Section 2

Select your offer type. Select Doubt as to Liability if you believe you are wrongly being held liable for the underlying tax debt. Select Doubt as to Collectability or Collection in full would cause undue economic hardship if you are filing because you cannot afford to pay it. Most offers are going to be the latter.

Section 3

Fill out how much you are willing to offer for settlement. We often submit settlements for $100. NYS then asks for a higher amount once we get into settlement negotiations.

If you are borrowing funds, input the details.

Section 4

List your liability information. If you cannot find the Assessment ID’s that is fine. Make sure to fill in every year you owe. Call NYS Civil Enforcement if you are not sure at (518) 457-5434.¬†They can also tell you what payments you have made.

Section 5

Explain your story. Give some good reasons why New York State should accept your settlement. Bad financial situation, medical problems, anything else you can think of add-in here.

This explains the terms and conditions. Good to read it.

Section 6

This explains the conditions of the settlement. Read it in full so you understand it.

Section 7

Sign and date. Have your spouse sign and date as well if it is a joint liability.

You are now done with Form DTF 4. Unless your OIC is for Doubt as to Liability, you also need to do Form DTF 5.

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How To Fill Out Form DTF 4 NYS Offer In Compromise
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How To Fill Out Form DTF 4 NYS Offer In Compromise
A complete guide on how to fill out NYS Offer In Compromise Form DTF 4. For liabilities that are not fixed and final.
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