New York State Sales Tax Offer In Compromise Guide

Here we go through New York State sales tax settlements, also known as Offer In Compromise. Watch our video below to see if it’s something you might qualify for and for a rundown on the basics.

New York State Sales Tax Offer In Compromise - Explained How It Works And Most Common Best Results

The best result for most NYC sales tax debt cases is getting penalties and interest knocked off

The NYS tax agent is going to look at your income, expenses, and the debts in question. New York Offers are a bit different than the IRS in that the agent has more discretion and there is more variability in the expenses.

For sales tax debts the best settlement you are going to get in most cases is just paying off the base tax. The nice part about the NYS offer is they will give you some time to pay it. We have had clients get 2 years to pay back an offer amount.

If you think you might qualify, see our NYS Offer In Compromise guide or schedule a consultation with one of our expert tax attorneys to do it for you. You can also call us at (888) 515-4829. Although the guide is written for individual debt, the process is similar.

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