Tax Resolution Services – Explained By a Tax Attorney

There are four main types of tax resolution services…

  1. Tax law firms
  2. CPA firms
  3. Enrolled Agents
  4. Tax relief companies

Tax law firms

These are run and owned by tax attorneys.

Many people think they are going to be the most expensive, but it’s often not any more expensive than the other options.

Make sure you find one who regularly does tax relief, as some tax planning attorneys just do tax relief on the side.

Tax lawyers are obligated to complete your case once hired and risk their license if they do not complete cases.

CPA firms

Certified Public Accountants often do tax relief cases.

Make sure you pick CPAs that are well-versed in tax relief, as some just do it on the side.

They can lose their license if they do not complete cases.

Enrolled Agents

These tax professionals are often also tax preparers.

If you are using an Enrolled Agent, use one who is an expert in tax relief as well.

Enrolled Agents can lose their licenses for not completing cases.

Tax relief companies

These companies hire tax attorneys, CPAs, and/or Enrolled Agents to complete cases for clients on behalf of the company.

Most radio ads you hear for tax relief are from these types of companies.

Tax relief companies frequently close and the clients’ cases do not get completed when they close.

Some examples are Stop IRS Debt, Blue Tax, Nationwide Tax Relief, and JK Harris.

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