Tax Settlement Case Not Done Properly – What To Do?

Tax Relief Firm Messed Up My Case - How To Tell and How To Fix It

Some signs your tax debt case was mishandled

  1. A lot of time has passed and there is no result. Settlements can take a couple of years sometimes.
  2. You keep getting assigned new representatives or contact persons at the firm. Some tax relief firms have huge turnover and your case sits in the queue between people changing.
  3. You receive an offer in compromise rejection showing you clearly did not qualify for an offer in compromise. Settlements often get over-promised.
  4. Redundant resolution for more fees. For example, audit reconsideration then submitting an Offer in some situations.

How to fix it

Figure out what your best option is and proceed with resolving it. Seek out a refund from the company. If you incurred additional penalties, interest, or other costs you may be entitled to more damages.

A lot of people who were promised a settlement may not be getting one.

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