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find out how much are irs tax debt
If you are a taxpayer who owes back taxes, then you might have wondered at some point how much you owe the IRS or even the State for these back taxes. Some find out how much they owe when they receive notices from the IRS for the unpaid debt. But […]

Finding Out How Much You Owe the IRS for Unpaid ...

When you have a financial liability with the IRS, beginning your settlement is often the toughest step. Penalties and interest build daily, so it’s important to get started right away. If you’re not sure how to proceed, don’t fret. There are tax debt solutions for every situation, no matter the […]

Tax Debt Solutions – Finding Your Course To Settlement

Types Of Offer in Compromise Offer in Compromise is a settlement for tax debts than less than the amount owed. The most common Offer in Compromise type for the IRS is a personal Offer for doubt as to collectibility. For Doubt as Collectibility there are both Personal and Business Offers […]

Types of Offer In Compromise – The Different Ways to ...

Michigan Offer In Compromise 8
Michigan Offer In Compromise: The Easiest of The Bunch Getting a Michigan Offer In Compromise (OIC) is in our opinion is the easiest state offer in compromise you can do. Our tax law firm is in Las Vegas, but we help people with tax problems nationwide. We have probably done […]

Michigan Offer In Compromise Guide: Getting Your MI OIC Accepted