FTB Payment Plans

FTB Payment Plan Process Explained by a Tax Attorney

Two ways to do it

  1. Online (and must meet requirements)
  2. Call the Franchise Tax Board

Online application 

You may be eligible for an installment agreement if:

  • Amount due is less than $25,000
  • You can pay the amount in 60 months or less
  • You’ve filed all your income tax returns for the past 5 years

You can’t apply online if you have:

  • A current installment agreement with the FTB
  • A wage garnishment (earnings withholding order)
  • Bank levy (order to withhold)
  • Other collection orders (warrant, continuous order to withhold)

Calling in for a FTB payment plan

The current number for FTB Collections is listed below. If your letter has a different phone number try that one first or if your case is assigned to an individual you are aware of calling them first.

You will most likely be given the option of spreading out your payment plan over a period of so many months.

If you cannot afford that payment plan, they will probably ask for a financial statement and file a tax lien.

Other options

You may want to look into some other options if you qualify:

  1. Hardship status (Usually lasts one year)
  2. Offer In Compromise (harder than the IRS)

You can call us and we can go through them with you.

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