Offer In Compromise Requirements Explained

Requirements to get an IRS Offer In Compromise

Here we are discussing financials-based Offers, the most popular type.

Basic Requirements:

  • All required tax returns are filed
  • Up to date on estimated tax payments
  • Up to date on federal tax deposits if you have employees
  • You cannot pay off the tax debt within the statute of limitations based on your income and expenses (with some of the IRS numbers thrown in for your
  • You pay appropriate fees and down payments if required
  • The correct forms need to be filed

Easy Offers – Probably do not need our help

  • Only Social Security Income with no assets
  • Only unemployment income with no assets
  • Multiple children and less than average income with no assets
  • Collecting only disability payments and no assets

Harder Offers – You Might Want Some Help

  • Self-employed
  • Assets you cannot sell but otherwise, you qualify
  • Multiple children but higher income
  • Extraordinary, but reasonable expenses

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Offer In Compromise Requirements Explained by a Tax Attorney

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