IRS Taxpayer Advocate – Explained by a Tax Attorney

IRS Taxpayer Advocate - When They Can Help and When They Can't

When to use the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service…

Use Part 1:

Will you lose or not remain in your house, not be able to get food, pay your utilities, or keep your transportation to work?

Will you incur significant costs such as fees for obtaining representation to help with relief?

Or will you suffer negative impacts such as loss of income, credit report damage, or any damage that cannot be put back the way they were prior?

If you answer yes to at least one, then you might want to try using the Taxpayer Advocate rather than paying someone to do it for you.

When to use the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service…

Use Part 2:

An IRS System Issue is also known as a Systemic Burden which could include:

  • A delay must be more than 30-days after regular processing time to resolve a tax-related problem. These cases also occur when the IRS sends multiple interim responses (letters stating to give them more time) and takes no other actions to resolve your issues.
  • If the IRS was supposed to respond to you or resolve your account by a specific date and they have not, you may qualify for TAS assistance.
  • If an IRS system or procedure has failed to operate as intended or failed to resolve your problem or dispute with the IRS, TAS may be able to help you.

When to use the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service…

Use Part 3:

If you feel you are not being treated fairly or equitably.

When to not use the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service…

  1. You can easily handle your case yourself (check out our tax help guide)
  2. Hired someone to do your case that is qualified
  3. Your issue does not fall under their categories and you are being treated fairly

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