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Every year, the IRS reports that American taxpayers owe over $100 billion in back taxes, penalties, and interest. In quite a few of these cases, the taxpayer will be left wondering “Where can I find a free consultation with a tax attorney?” Well, we offer that right here at TRP! With no obligations, no strings attached, you can talk to a live tax attorney.

Do You Owe IRS Tax Debt?

In a CNBC taxpayer poll for the year 2020, one-fifth of US taxpayers believe that they will owe the IRS taxes, to the tune of an average of $2667. Yet despite this foresight, millions of US taxpayers tend to fall behind on their tax debt every year. An Investopedia report says that people fall behind on taxes for any number of reasons:

  • Procrastination – We all get busy sometimes
  • Life disruptions – Death in the family, illness, divorce, loss of income, etc.
  • The complexity of the filing process – Dealing with the IRS can feel overwhelming
  • Confusion over new tax codes – Tax law changes from year to year, and many of us are under-informed about new tax law developments

In our current COVID-19 pandemic situation, more people are having their lives disrupted than ever before. The problem is actually so big that it’s difficult to get a handle on how much impact it has. Most media sources focus on just death statistics, but there are secondary and tertiary effects, such as hospitalizations, long-term health effects, economic factors with people losing their income or switching career tracks, and so on. This wide and unpredictable scope indicates the likelihood of many more people being so disrupted that dealing with tax debt is the last thing on their minds.


Why Taxpayers Get Into Tax Debt

The number one cause of falling behind with the IRS is not being prepared. This especially applies to those who fail to file a return.

Regardless of whether you believe that you will owe taxes, be due to a refund, or break even, you are better off 100% of the time when you file faithfully and as early as possible. Since the IRS will inevitably focus their attention on your case, you can only benefit from knowing what cards are on the table at the earliest possible time. Filing late or not filing hurts nobody but yourself!

The second most common reason for unexpected tax debt is when taxpayers experience extreme changes in their income. When this happens, it might be anything like:

  • A sudden windfall of cash from a lottery winning, inheritance, cryptocurrency profits, or career change
  • Unusually large profits or losses from an owned business
  • Sudden loss or gain of a high-income job
  • Unexpected complications from a spousal or dependent financial event
  • Under-withholding tax estimates from wages
  • Not keeping up with estimated tax payments when self-employed
  • Changes in tax code impacting filing

Once again, the COVID pandemic tends to make people’s lives more turbulent than they otherwise would like. But even without a global pandemic, US citizen tax debt is a recurring event every year, even in times when the economy is booming and there’s no international-scale crisis.

At the bottom line, if you are a US taxpayer who owes the IRS back taxes, you should know that you’re in good company! This is no reflection of your character, and the IRS can be more understanding of your situation than you would expect – once you have a tax attorney on your side!


Why You Should Seek the Advice of a Tax Attorney

There are dozens of “tax relief agencies” out there. Many of them advertise aggressively, which is likely how you hear about them, particularly on the radio. There’s just one catch: None of these companies will ever put you in touch with an actual tax attorney.

Only a tax attorney has a license to act as your representative to the IRS and has the knowledge and expertise to help you through the proper steps of arranging payment plans, dealing with liens and garnishments, or filing appeals to reduce your tax burden. It is entirely possible to get most of your tax debt erased in certain situations!

You should not trust a heavily advertised agency to handle your tax debt case. These agencies are frequently nothing but a “boiler room” full of salesmen whose sole job is to get your information, get you signed up for services, then hand you off to whichever accountant bids for your contract. If they decide not to do anything with your case, they can simply abandon you, leaving you high and dry against the IRS and worse off than you started.


TRP Can Offer Free Consultations to Anyone In the USA!

You don’t need to focus on a local attorney to handle your tax debt case. Our network of tax attorneys can help you with a free consultation to advise you on where to go from here. At TRP, we believe that the taxpayer is owed someone who can fight for their rights against the impersonal machinery of the US tax code. We have hundreds of past cases where we got tax debt reduced, arranged for a lenient payment plan, or even flat out erased.

We also focus exclusively on tax law. Instead of taking the “jack of all trades, master of none” approach, you benefit from an attorney who specializes in tax law and can stay up to date on the latest developments in the tax code. Tax attorneys who specialize in tax law are proven to get better results than a general attorney.

Get the Help You Need to Deal With the IRS!

Don’t let the complexities of tax filing codes overwhelm you. If you are here, chances are that you’re in a position of owing money to the IRS and would like a second opinion from an expert tax attorney. We will make it easy for you: Click here to schedule a free consultation or call (888) 515-4829 with no further obligation today!

Even if your case doesn’t warrant our direct action, you will be better informed about the way forward. With a free consultation and no obligations, you have nothing to lose!

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