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You may have heard the ads on the radio or seen the ads on TV for Tax 10000. Turns out they are not a tax relief firm, tax law firm, or any type of tax-related firm that may work on your case. They are simply a referral service where they sell the inbound call leads.

Why the name Tax 10000?

$10,000 is the magic number for most tax relief firms. If you owe $10,000 or more, the IRS can file a tax lien against you. It’s also the dollar point at which it’s worth it for most people to hire a tax professional. If you owe $5,000 most of the time the best option is just getting into an IRS payment plan.

We have gotten emails and calls before of people offering to sell similar calls to our firm. Wonder why most tax firms charge so high? It’s because they are paying $65 just to receive your call, whether you actually sign with them or not. Tax 10000 is one of the companies selling these inbound calls to random tax relief firms. After the calls are sold for the first round, some of these sales companies resell the contact information to yet another firm. If you called Tax 10000 and are now getting a ton of calls from different firms, that could be why.

How valuable is my contact information?

Data privacy has become a growing concern in the 21st century. Companies will pay top dollar for contact information of unwitting consumers who are marked as “easy sales targets.” If you have ever called a number from a commercial, and the business is in a field that largely revolves around paperwork, i.e. insurance, loan applications, credit agencies, and tax relief companies – chances are that number is nothing but a funnel to collect your data and sell it.

You can tell you’re dealing with a front agency like this if they will not answer any question you have until they’re collected your life history. That’s because your contact information is literally the product! This is the purpose of companies like Tax 10000. The collection of data as a profit model doesn’t even need to be related to tax relief. They could be selling anything and still do this.

Does Tax 10000 Have Quality Tax Relief Firms?

The quality of the firms they refer to is unknown. Many tax relief firms connect you to a high-pressure salesman who will claim you qualify for an Offer In Compromise whether you really do or not. They often reference this in commercials as settling for pennies on the dollar. Some people do in fact qualify, and sometimes for even less than pennies on the dollar. We have many cases where debts over $100,000 have been settled for $100, a fraction of a penny on the dollar.

The Federal Trade Commission further advises you that if you owe back taxes to the IRS, “don’t panic, take a deep breath, and consider your options.” The FTC further details the kinds of behavior you should watch out for when dealing with a tax relief company:

  • Making guaranteed promises of tax relief – nobody can claim a 100% success rate.
  • Misrepresenting the amount of time it will take to process your application – a common complaint many consumers voice is that the company will collect your data and then leave you hanging while the situation festers.
  • Omitting relevant asset information when dealing with the IRS – gets you into even worse trouble

Can I Trust Their Evaluation Process?

Do not trust an unlicensed salesperson to give you an accurate evaluation of your options. Most likely you will end up paying high fees upfront only to hear bad news later. You should consult with a licensed professional, preferably an attorney, who has expertise specifically in the back due to tax issues.

Why not just go through a general attorney? You can, and maybe even get a fair break, but the law is a very broad field and a law firm that is general practice will not have specialized professionals in this particular field. Sometimes you end up paying by the billable hour while an attorney researches how to deal with IRS back tax debt for the very first time!

For more about fraudulent tax relief companies, see our big tax relief company guide here.

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