911 Tax Relief Reviews and Complaints: Are they legitimate? 11

We are always taking a look at our competitors and always surprised how awful some of the companies are. The industry of “Tax Relief” is plagued by many high-pressure boiler room sales companies that really have no interest in getting you the best result and are more interested in just taking your money. After further review, we believe 911 Tax Relief to be one of the more unreliable companies.

First, see this review from a former employee:


Based on this review the company was formerly named Pinnacle Tax and Authority Tax Services. This is generally a bad sign when the companies keep changing names. It usually means people left terrible reviews and they have to start over again.  This is very similar to Tax Defense Partners changing its name from Tax Resolution Services.

The second indicator this is not a good company is the low Yelp rating found here:


When you look at the owner’s responses, he keeps “relying on the contract” which usually means it was a bad contract, to begin with. Many tax relief firms try to package and sell you one service, then if that does not work out they try to sell you another. Most legitimate law firms like Tax Resolution Professionals resolve your case until it’s done, whatever the best result may be.

Pigeonholing you into one service on the contract is a bad sign. If you get a tax relief contract and it says it only covers Offer in Compromise or only covers a payment plan is a bad sign. The cases are complex and until you go over everything in extreme detail you cannot figure out the service you need.

Another bad sign is the owner is not an attorney. In the complaint, the owner is listed as Vardan Sarkisov. A search of the California Bar website shows no attorney by that name.

Overall, 911 Tax Relief would be a service that is not recommended.

For more about fraudulent tax relief companies, see our big tax relief company guide here.

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