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You may have heard about Tax Defense Partners on the radio and have called in to talk to a high-pressure salesman. They are highly advertised on the radio, and with high advertising comes high fees. The former, another heavily advertised company also now redirects to the site for Tax Defense Partners. It also appears to be located in Encino, California, where Tax Resolution Services was located.

Some reasons to avoid them…

1) Mostly unhappy customers. The average review on their Yelp page is 2.5 stars. There are numerous 1-star reviews. (Compared to TRP’s 5 stars)

2) They are not a law firm. There is no attorney-client privilege.  Any information you send them, or they send to you, is not covered by the attorney-client privilege.

3) High Up Front Fees. Due to their high client acquisition cost, they cannot offer reasonable fees and stay in business. Most of their fees start above $3,000 per case, where most of our fees start around $350. It is estimated most radio tax resolution firms pay $1,500 to acquire each client. (Compared to TRP, where we are mostly referral-based or you found us on the internet)

4) No track record. The company previously was Tax Resolution Services. Why the name change? Probably bad reviews and unhappy clients. Tax resolution cases often can take 1-2 years to resolve, so the word is not out from all their clients, but its very likely 2-3 years down the road Tax Defense Partners will change their name again.

What to look for when you need help with back due to tax issues…

1) If you owe less than $10,000, you often can just settle yourself easily if you qualify. See TRP’s guide to doing your own Offer In Compromise. If you are being garnished, you still might want representation to handle getting those garnishment removed.

2) Look for a firm that has a good track record, has been around more than 2 years, and is a law firm. You will see many firms come and go. Lawyers at law firms like TRP are legally obligated to complete your case. Firms like Tax Defense Partners can go out of business any day without an obligation to the clients. JK Harris, Nationwide Tax Relief, American Tax Relief, and several others all recently have closed, leaving thousands of clients without help that already paid in full.

Tax Defense Partners has little to no track record.

3) Stay away from high upfront fees. If you see them on billboards, hear them on the radio, or on television, you are paying too much. Many firms, including most law firms, charge $3,000 just to start your case. A local firm named RJS Law here in San Diego typically charges clients $3,000 to start. We know this because so many of the people scared of their high fees hire us instead once they do some research. A high fee does not mean better results, as we consistently have the best results nationwide. You can see our recent results at the bottom of our main page.

Tax Defense Partners has very high upfront fees.

4) Make sure your consultant is licensed. Most tax resolution services firms have salespeople that do the consultation. They do not handle your case and really know very little about the workings of your case. They often give potential clients an outlook that is not accurate. Many will sell you a settlement when you are not even close to qualifying. Make sure your consultation is with an actual tax attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent. Not only is that salesperson making a commission, raising your fee, they often will get you to pay a high upfront fee for a service you may not even need. At TRP often we resolve a lot of “cases” right in the consultation, as many people call us after being misled by a tax relief salesperson.

Tax Defense Partners puts you in touch with unlicensed consultants, that know little about your case.

For more about fraudulent tax relief companies, see our big tax relief company guide here.

In Conclusion…

Avoid Tax Defense Partners. If you need help with your case, drop us a line at our tax resolution form or call us at (888) 515-4829 and have a free, 15-minute no-obligation consultation with a licensed tax attorney. Many times we can fix your case in the free consultation.

UPDATE 8/29/2016: Michael Rozbruch, Tax Defense Partners founder, closed his TaxResolution Facebook page due to poor reviews, 11 reviews averaging 1.7 stars.

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