Tax Help Guide – Resources on Tax Resolution

The following guides are both to help guide you through the IRS collection process and assist our existing clients to understand more about the process. We will continue to update this page as more information is made available. Please note that the IRS or other agencies may update forms after a guide has been created. We try to keep up to date as much as possible, but it’s worth checking if new forms came out for your particular situation.

If you have a tax relief question, post it on the comment section of the appropriate post or on the related video on our YouTube channelIf your question does not fit one of the categories and you are unsure, comment on this post here.

This guide is not legal advice nor does it form an attorney-client relationship. Don’t want to do it yourself? Click to get help from expert attorneys.

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General IRS Information

unfiled tax help

Unfiled Tax Help: What To Do With Multiple Unfiled Tax Returns

Getting help with unfiled tax returns is tough. Many tax relief companies claim to help but are not reliable. See ...
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unfiled tax returns

Frequently Asked Questions About Unfiled Tax Returns

Here we go through the most commonly asked questions regarding unfiled tax returns. If you generally just do not know ...
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tax forms

Sending Multiple Tax Returns

If you are sending in multiple tax returns to the IRS or state, do not stuff them all together in ...
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IRS Fresh Start Initiative

IRS Fresh Start Initiative: Which Taxpayers Does It Help?

Dating back to 2008, with an overhaul in 2012, the IRS Fresh Start Initiative continues to aid taxpayers up to ...
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real person at irs

Fastest Way To Reach A Real Person At The IRS

Believe it or not, real people work at the IRS. This is how you can reach them via the phone ...
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IRS Offer In Compromise

IRS Logo

How To Do Your Own Offer In Compromise

An Offer In Compromise is a way to settle your debt with the IRS. It is not based on "pennies ...
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Offer In Compromise accepted

Offer In Compromise Accepted – A Guide To OIC Acceptance

Getting an Offer In Compromise accepted, step by step. An Offer In Compromise is a settlement with the Internal Revenue ...
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How To Fill Out Form 433-A (OIC) (2022 Version), Detailed Instructions From IRS 656-Booklet

Form 433A-OIC Guide: Filling It Out Completely Updated 4/4/2016 to include the updated IRS Collection Financial Standards Updated 6/17/2016 to ...
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IRS Letters

IRS Liens

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IRS Collections

IRS Tax Debt Settlement

IRS Tax Debt Settlement – Options For Resolving Tax Liability

Whether your tax debt with the IRS is a recent accumulation or you have several years of back taxes building ...
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stop irs wage garnishment

How To Prevent An IRS Wage Garnishment

Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends out millions of wage garnishment notices every year? If you ...
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Expiring Tax Debts

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Currently Not Collectible Status


CNC Tax Program Review

The CNC tax program, or IRS' Currently Not Collectible status, is essentially placing your case into a $0 payment plan ...
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IRS Payment Plans

irs payment plan

How To Setup An IRS Payment Plan, Guide and FAQs For 2021

This guide will go over setting up an IRS payment plan. This is part of our Tax Help Guide, a free ...
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IRS Penalty Abatements

first time penalty abatement

First Time Penalty Abatement from IRS, With Sample Letter

Get Free Money Back: Just Ask For a First Time Penalty Abatement The IRS offers a penalty abatement on failure ...
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Tax Payments

tax estimate

How to Make Estimated Tax Payments

This guide covers making estimated taxes for individuals. In order to make IRS estimated tax payments, you can pay online ...
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IRS easiest ways to pay

Easiest Ways to Pay the IRS

If you owe a debt that cannot be settled, then you are stuck paying it off. If you are paying ...
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State Tax Issues

Community Property Laws

IRS and Community Property Laws – Relief From Taxable Items

If you live in a community property state and did not file a joint return, you may be eligible for ...
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FTB Offer In Compromise: Tough To Get Accepted, But Can Be Done! Below is a brief video that explains the ...
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This advice applies to anyone dealing with tax debt from the state of California's Franchise Tax Board (FTB). You have ...
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A California Franchise Tax Board bank levy is a legal action by the State of California where funds are taken ...
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The umbrella of California Self Employment Tax covers state residents who don't receive a paycheck as an employee that includes ...
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If you're experiencing tax debt issues with the IRS, often debts are also owed taxes within the state of your ...
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New York

Your Options for NYS Tax Debt Relief There are five main options when it comes to NYS tax debt relief ...
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The most stressful thing about owing New York State back taxes is not knowing what to do about it. It's ...
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Settling New York State Taxes: NYS Offer In Compromise In this guide, we will go through filing an NYS Offer ...
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As tax professionals, we understand the fear and frustration that comes along with an NYS tax warrant. Finding out that ...
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Statute of Limitations for an NYS Tax Warrant The State of New York issues tax warrants for debts. This is ...
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When you owe back due tax debts to the State of New York and take no action it is only ...
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Michigan Offer In Compromise Guide: Getting Your M...

Michigan Offer In Compromise: The Easiest of The Bunch Getting a Michigan Offer In Compromise (OIC) is in our opinion ...
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Sales Tax

How to Automate eCommerce Sales Tax Filings

Today I came across a program when helping set up an ecommerce site: TaxJar It is what I and many ...
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