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If you want to know how you can file for an Offer In Compromise, below you will learn about what to do to get an IRS OIC for personal or business taxes. See our video explanation of how to file for an offer in compromise if you prefer to watch it. First […]

A Guide on How To File for an Offer In ...

Form 656: Filling It Out This guide will explain how to fill out IRS Form 656, which is used to submit an Offer In Compromise to the Internal Revenue Service. This is part of our guide on How To Do Your Own Offer In Compromise. By using this form paired […]

How to Fill Out IRS Form 656 Offer In Compromise

This article covers how to withdraw an IRS lien. If you have active liens and debts that are still owed, you may want to see our Offer in Compromise Guide or call us for a free consultation with one of our tax attorneys at (888) 515-4TAX (4829). Can I Withdraw […]

Tax Lien on Credit Report? Use IRS Form 12277 To ...

When you are doing tax returns or filing jointly with a deceased person, it can be confusing and the IRS just guides you to some random publications. Here are the easy instructions, with information taken from the IRS’ own Publication 559: On the First Page of the Tax Return: 1) […]

Tax Return Signature for Deceased Persons: Simplified Instructions

Getting An IRS Lien Withdrawal Updated 12/28/2016 to Include Lien Office Information This is a brief guide on how to withdraw an IRS tax lien, when you owe less than $25,000 and are in a payment plan,  have paid the amount off in full, or have an Offer in Compromise […]

IRS Lien Withdrawal: A Step by Step Guide

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An Offer In Compromise is a way to settle your debt with the IRS. It is not based on “pennies on the dollar” or a percentage of your tax debt, contrary to what many advertisements state. It is purely based on your financial information. This guide covers filing an Offer […]

How To Do Your Own Offer In Compromise

Form 433A-OIC Guide: Filling It Out Completely Updated 4/4/2016 to include the updated IRS Collection Financial Standards Updated 6/17/2016 to include updated 2016 Version of Form 433-A(OIC) Updated 5/21/2017 to include updated 2017 Version of Form 433-A(OIC) Updated 06/06/2018 to include updated 2018 Version of Form 433-A(OIC) This will be a […]

How To Fill Out Form 433-A (OIC) (2018 Version), Detailed ...