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20 years unfiled tax returns
Here is what to do when you have 20 or more years of unfiled tax returns. Not all tax returns are always required. This is not legal advice, but a general rundown of how you handle the situation with the IRS and states. States vary in their handling of unfiled tax […]

20 or More Years of Unfiled Tax Returns: A Guide ...   Recently updated !

unfiled tax help
Getting help with unfiled tax returns is tough. Many tax relief companies claim to help but are not reliable. See our explanation on unfiled tax help and if it’s something you do not want to do alone we provide contact information for real help. You can see a video version […]

Unfiled Tax Help: What To Do With Multiple Unfiled Tax ...

We get many calls from people that almost hired Optima Tax Relief, and we find that most people did not like what they heard from them. In this review we will go over the information we have learned about Optima Tax Relief’s fees and practices based on reviews placed on […]

Optima Tax Relief Review: Alan Thicke Recommends, but Should You ...

When you are doing tax returns or filing jointly with a deceased person, it can be confusing and the IRS just guides you to some random publications. Here are the easy instructions, with information taken from the IRS’ own Publication 559: On the First Page of the Tax Return: 1) […]

Tax Return Signature for Deceased Persons: Simplified Instructions