Tax Help Guide – Resources on Tax Resolution

The following guides are both to help guide you through the IRS collection process and assist our existing clients understand more about the process. Some of these links are hosted on our old website, We will continue to update this page as more information is made available.


IRS Collections

IRS Collection Process Basics

Can the IRS Take My House?

Can’t Pay Back Taxes? You Have Options!

IRS Tax Debt Settlement Options

How To Stop IRS Wage Garnishment


Expiring Tax Debts

How Long Does The IRS and States Have to Collect? CSED: Collection Statute Expiration Dates


IRS Letters

IRS Letters: How Far Away is Collections?


IRS Offer In Compromise

IRS Offer in Compromise Formula – How The IRS Calculates Tax Settlements

Deciding Which is Best: Currently Non Collectable Status, Offer In Compromise, or both?

Different Types of Offer in Compromise

How To Do Your Own IRS Offer In Compromise

Getting an IRS Offer In Compromise Accepted

Guide to Filling Out Form 433-A(OIC)

Guide to Filling Out Form 656 Offer In Compromise

How Long Does an IRS Offer In Compromise Take?

Bankruptcy or Offer In Compromise?

Installment Agreement vs Offer In Compromise

IRS Payment Plans

IRS Payment Plan Guide


IRS Penalty Abatements

IRS First Time Penalty Abatement Guide


Currently Non Collectable Status

A Review of the CNC tax program


Tax Payments

How to Make Estimated Tax Payments

Easiest Ways to Pay the IRS

Cheapest Credit Card Options for IRS Payments


IRS Liens

IRS Lien Withdrawal: A Step by Step Guide on Withdrawing an IRS Lien

When Are IRS Tax Liens Filed? How Can I Avoid Them?


General IRS Information

How To Order IRS Transcripts

How to get old IRS Forms

Tax Return Signatures for Deceased Persons: Simplified Instructions

Cancellation of Debt Income from 1099-C: How To Get Out of It

Sending Multiple Tax Returns


State Tax Issues

Community Property and Tax Debts


How to Contact California Franchise Tax Board

FTB Offer In Compromise – California Tax Settlement Guide

California Franchise Tax Board Bank Levies – How To Release and Resolve


Michigan Offer In Compromise: Start To Finish Guide

New York

NYS Tax Debt Relief: Your Options

New York State Offer In Compromise: Start To Finish Guide

New York State Tax Warrant: Informational Guide


100% Penalty Assessed if Tax Returns Not Filed for 3 Years


Sales Tax

How to Automate eCommerce Sales Tax Filings with TaxJar